Learn to Draw Confidently

IMG_1759For complete beginners, ages 14+

This course is especially good for those wanting to learn to draw from the very beginning, or refresh their skills.

Drawing, pleasurable and rewarding though it is, is but a key to open the door to other goals. Learn to Draw Confidently will help you expand your powers as an individual through increased awareness of your own mind and workings. The multiple effects of the exercises in this course are intended to enhance your confidence in decision-making and problem solving. The potential force of the creative, imaginative side of your brain is almost limitless, and through drawing you can come to know this powerful self and make it known to others. Through drawing YOU are made visible. The German artist Albrecht Durer said: “from this, the treasure secretly gathered in your heart will become evident through your creative work.”

Learning to Draw Confidently is a step-by-step, 10 week programme that uses Betty Edwards’ method of “drawing on the right side of the brain”. We will use cartridge paper or sketch books, a variety of drawing pencils, putty, rubber, charcoal, pen and ink, coloured pencils and chalk pastels.

Course Content:
Week 1: Pre-instruction drawing
Week 2: Your brain – the right and the left of it
Week 3: Crossing over – experiencing the shift from left to right
Week 4: Perceiving the shape of space – the positive aspects of negative space
Week 5: Relationships in a new mode – putting sighting in perspective
Week 6: Portrait drawing with ease
Week 7: The value of logical lights and shadows
Week 8: More practice with tones
Week 9: Introducing colour – colour wheels
Week 10: Taking the first steps in colour drawing

Group Cost: £20 per 2 hour session (minimum 3 people)
Individual Cost: £30 per hour (minimum 2 hour booking)
Contact: 07833 516342 or 01309 675724

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  1. HI Celia, I am interested in both abstract art painting and drawing w/shops. However that week I’ll be on Iona. What to do ? Erica

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