Build Your Portfolio for Art College


This course is specifically designed for young people or older participants wishing to apply to Art College. Make your portfolio stand out from the crowd to ensure you get in to the College of your choice.

It can be a daunting task building a portfolio, but with expert tuition, you will guarantee to produce a portfolio you’re proud of. Art College tutors look for the development of visual ideas and a familiarity of a wide range of media, which is sometimes difficult to achieve within the confines of the school curriculum or a busy schedule. In this course, we will explore an exciting range of media and techniques to build a dynamic and stunning portfolio, giving applicants the confidence to apply to the College of their choice.

Course Content:
Week 1: Drawing with pencils
Week 2: Drawing with pen and ink
Week 3: Charcoal drawing using dramatic lighting (Chiaroscuro)
Week 4: Self portrait with a difference
Week 5: Portrait project using collage or paint
Week 6: Painting techniques, e.g. palette knife painting with acrylics
Week 7: Watercolour techniques
Week 8: Using gouache paint
Week 9: Mono and lino printing
Week 10: Printing

Group Cost: £20 per 2 hour session (minimum 3 people)
Individual Cost: 
£30 per hour (minimum 2 hour booking)
07833 516342 or 01309 675724