Abstract Painting in Context

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor adults aged 16+.

In this course, we will focus upon the aspects and techniques of a wide variety of contemporary abstract artists, such as Alan Gouk, Gary Wragg and Duncan Shanks. Looking at abstract painting techniques in context, we will apply them to our own work and practice, thus broadening our contextual and critical knowledge, as well as experiential learning of this expressive and dynamic subject.

Participants will learn about the formal elements of picture making, such as the use of line, space, tone, texture and colour, whilst experiencing “in the moment” creativity, in which the artist enjoys the spontaneity and intuitiveness of expressive freedom.

Group Cost: £20 per 2 hour session (minimum 3 people)
Individual Cost: £30 per hour (minimum 2 hour booking)
Contact: 07833 516342 or 01309 675724